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Learning to Pray . . . again

True Story. I’m at a friend’s condo in the desert. I needed to get away from my home that is begging me to put away the Christmas decorations, clean out the garage and watch four more documentaries on the big ol’ TV.  Here I am to write talks, pray, listen to God, and lean into leading our… Continue reading Learning to Pray . . . again


To my Friend who Hates Women’s Retreats

Dear Friend-Who-Hates-Women’s-Retreats, I know you hate Women’s Retreats. I know you hate the thought of sharing a bathroom. You hate that your snoring, or their snoring, will interrupt sleep. You hate the thought of that many women in one place. You hate your image of what a Women’s Retreat looked like in 1958 and you’re… Continue reading To my Friend who Hates Women’s Retreats